Anatomy Fiction くうそうかいぼうがく

In this series of workshops, children from 4 to 7 years old are invited to make a life-sized
drawing of their own anatomy―an "inner" self-portrait visualized through their imagination
and interpretation, free from conventions of the anatomical science.

1. Fuchu Art Museum, Tokyo, 2008  workshop + exhibition views
2. Aomori Contemporary Art Centre, Aomori, 2010  exhibition views
3. The Kindergarten of Suomenlinna, Helsinki, 2010  workshop views
4. Setagaya Art Museum Miyamoto Saburo Memorial, Tokyo 2011  workshop views review
5. GREEN, Akita, 2011 (as part of FMOCA Art Talk program) review
6. Ocean Route, Tokyo, 2011 (as part of Ongoing School project)   Facebook album
7. Atelier Teru Teru, Tokyo, 2011  workshop views
   => The Ueno Royal Museum, Tokyo, 2012  exhibition views
8. Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art, Hiroshima, 2012 workshop views
9. Swiss International School, Basel, 2012 workshop views exhibition views
   => selected drawings exhibited at Anatomical Museum of the University of Basel, Basel, 2012 exhibition views
10. Motokaga Elementary School, Tokyo, 2012 workshop views
   => Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, 2012  exhibition views
11. Marugame Genichiro-Inokuma Museum of Contemporary Art, Kagawa, 2012 workshop views (including video) exhibition views
12. Art Lab Aichi, Aichi, 2012 review
13. Creaviva, Zentrum Paul Klee, Bern, 2013 workshop views
14. WIELS Contemporary Art Centre, Brussels, 2013 workshop views (session 1) workshop views (session 2) exhibition views
15. Zeughaus Teufen, Appenzel, 2013, as part of "Bim Grill" project
16. BSO Colorito Jungle/Basisschool Wyck, Maastricht, 2013 workshop and exhibition views
17. Bielefelder Kunstverein, Bielefeld, 2013 (in the framework of "MUSEUM OFF MUSEUM") workshop views
18. Chisenhale Gallery, London, 2014 (to coincide with Camille Henrot's exhibition) workshop and exhibition views
19. Media Seven, Kawaguchi, 2016 (conducted by Fuyuno Higuma) info
20. Traffic: Festival of Gentle Souls, San Lorenzo in Campo, 2018 (conducted by Pietro Consolandi & Giacomo Gerboni) workshop views (photo by Francesca Granata)

You can organize this workshop by yourself (but please contact me first!).
1. Kota Kumagai version at a nursely school in Akita, 2010 >>

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