Yuki Okumura
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Luser Story, in the framework of Making Use, Museum of Modern Art, Warsaw (presented by brud)
On Kawara’s Pure Consciousness, or Many Worlds (and) Interpretation―And Then, Silence Arrives, in the framework of Produce III, Colonie Yan Bina, Istanbul (curated by Zeynep Oz)
Hisachika Takahashi by Yuki Oukmura, Le Forum, Maison Hermes, Tokyo (curated by Reiko Setsuda)
BY, L’iselp, Brussels (conversation with Beatrice Balcou)

On Kawara is Still Alive: An Interview with Pall Thayer, screening on vimeo.com

Na, Kyoto City University of Arts Art Galelry, Kyoto (curated by Hirokazu Tokuyama)
Anatomy Fiction, Media Seven, Kawaguchi (conducted by Fuyuno Higuma)
Bitte nicht wecken, LLS 387, Antwerp
Hisachika Takahashi Annotated by Yuki Okumura: Memory of Past and Future Memory, Annet Gelink Gallery, Amsterdam
Un-Scene III, WIELS, Brussels

Futoshi Hoshino, Yuki Okumura: Jun Yang, Bigaku Shuppan